Minecraft skin for FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT

Hourly Stats

FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT has played on the server for 153 hours.
Along with kill/death ratio (kdr) of 5.37kdr from 49 kills per hour and 9 deaths per hour. FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT has 6,709 grams, earning 44 grams per hour.

Network Stats
Donator Rank Standard Player
Overall Balance 6,709 dollars
Overall Playtime 153 hours
Overall Kills 7,449
Overall Deaths 1,388
September vote count 0
Prison Stats
Blocks Placed 0
Blocks Broken 0
Kills 0
Deaths 0
Balance 0 grams
KitPvP Stats
Rank Captain
Kdr 5
Kills 7,449
Deaths 1,388
Balance 6,709 dollars
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