CityPrison/SwordPvP Network


Welcome to CityPrison! This non-op prison server has been open for over 5 years and counting, so you have experience on your side. Our server specializes in many unique features, including quests you won’t find anywhere else.

Loyal Playerbase

Our loyal players have labeled our server as fun and freakishly exciting, having custom enchants available you will not find on other Minecraft servers, so you’ll always have the magical feeling of control!


CityPrison has mining and collecting wood to gather resources for your unique build, and ranking your way up to the highest rank, while running into gangs and quests. It’s an exciting and addictive adventure you will never forget!


Are you tired of prison servers only based around mining as the only way of income? CityPrison offers a unique quest system which enables you to complete a small list of tasks given to you by an NPC. These quest NPC’s are in every block of the prison giving easy access to players. An example would be finding and mining cobblestone and then presenting the cobblestone to an NPC for a reward. The quests also feature themes corresponding with the items or tasks they request. For instance, Kat wants cooked salmon or Wizard wants a fire aspect 1 sword.

Not a Pay2Win Economy

Economy, Playerbase & Friendly Community

With a server, one of the biggest factors in making it work is having an amazing community. Our community is who we are, with exclusive builds created by our own staff members. Everyone takes part in how it works, from the newest members to the oldest. Who will you become? Do you become the god of pvp? Or do you dominate the black market? Or do you just live the simple life and mine your way through the ranks? No matter what you choose, you will not get bored.

CityPrison is a rarity among prison servers with its non-op playstyle. With each rank progressed, a new sense of accomplishment overwhelms you. Working through it, you truly earn the rank.

CP offers many different options in being a non-pay2win server. One of those options is with monthly top voters receiving as much as a $100 voucher towards the shop. Another way is through purchasing crates with tokens received from voting. These crates contain a chance to receive temporary donor ranks, along with other cool prizes