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CityPrison is the #1 prison server - being open for OVER 4 years we know what it takes to run the RIGHT prison server, Great guards, great balance and most importantly an AWESOME community! Our network has the most unique features of any minecraft prison server out there, No prisons server can compete with us. With quests/missions, amazing builds for you to enjoy the sight of and much much more!

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March Voting

2:17 am - 5th April 2018 By Ashour

Hello,Here are the March voting results for our top 10 winners of a buycraft coupon code.As always, we request that the winners contact us via skype. If you do not have skype please use our email to get your coupon code.Skype: Ashour253Email: [email protected] Suitheo 196votes - $1002nd Falcon_26_1 190votes - $903rd iMrPerro 175votes - $754th D3ATHW4VE 174votes - $755th PR099 173votes - $656th Mr_lonely132 169votes - $507th Mezmerr 167votes - $408th ItzRubix_ 162votes - $309th 0988ak 156votes - $2010th...

Events are happening!

11:33 pm - 14th March 2018 By Diamond_Rush1

You guys have been asking for events, and here they are! March 16th: Mine Offs~ Mine till you drop ~Times:8am PST/ 11am EST11am PST/ 2pm EST2pm PST/ 5pm ESTMarch 17th: PvP Tournaments~ Its been a while ~Times:12pm PST/ 3pm EST PST/ 6pm EST PST/ 9pm EST 18th: Purges~ No rules (well some) ~Times:12pm PST/ 3pm EST3pm PST/ 6pm EST6pm PST/...

February Top Voter

5:42 am - 1st March 2018 By Ashour

Below are the top 10 voters for the month of Febuery. The count is rather small as we not only where limited to 28 days this month but we started late as well. Nonetheless, March will start off properly and we hope there are no hiccups this time.As always, please contact me on skype (ashour253) or email ([email protected]) to redeem your buycraft coupon code. Top Voters1st Squidsfriend 94votes - $1002nd Falcon_26_1 94votes - $1003rd Faisal2Rock 90votes - $804th 4AcreFarmer 88votes - $705th PR099 86votes...

Top Kills

1stMinecraft prison skin for MeRCV9MeRCV95,273 kills
2ndMinecraft prison skin for Space23Space235,169 kills
3rdMinecraft prison skin for _Ney_Ney4,404 kills
4thMinecraft prison skin for Secret_WorkerSecret_Worker3,962 kills
5thMinecraft prison skin for SpriteCodeSpriteCode3,567 kills
6thMinecraft prison skin for NINJAxHACKER67NINJAxHACKER673,558 kills
7thMinecraft prison skin for E_R_PE_R_P3,379 kills
8thMinecraft prison skin for Mrtobasco420Mrtobasco4203,242 kills
9thMinecraft prison skin for ChimawayChimaway3,167 kills
10thMinecraft prison skin for DotanKDotanK3,087 kills

Top Balance

1stMinecraft prison skin for Diamond_Rush1Diamond_Rush11,000,000,000 money
2ndMinecraft prison skin for ashourashour999,999,999 money
3rdMinecraft prison skin for Falcon_26_1Falcon_26_170,057,779 money
4thMinecraft prison skin for I3lizzard_I3eastI3lizzard_I3east19,633,804 money
5thMinecraft prison skin for PR099PR09919,496,749 money

Top Voters

1stMinecraft prison skin for Falcon_26_1Falcon_26_197 votes
2ndMinecraft prison skin for GloryMbibiGloryMbibi90 votes
3rdMinecraft prison skin for VeryInsaneVeryInsane88 votes
4thMinecraft prison skin for SuitheoSuitheo85 votes
5thMinecraft prison skin for ItzRubix_ItzRubix_83 votes

Top Hours Played

1stMinecraft prison skin for NinjaXWaffles99NinjaXWaffles991,506 hours
2ndMinecraft prison skin for XxErisVenomousxXXxErisVenomousxX1,330 hours
3rdMinecraft prison skin for Falcon_26_1Falcon_26_11,139 hours
4thMinecraft prison skin for E_R_PE_R_P1,047 hours
5thMinecraft prison skin for Mr_lonely132Mr_lonely132899 hours