Hey guys! Just a quick update!
Bounties are officially up and running! place a bounty by doing /bounty place or accept one by performing /bounty accept.
Do note, the minimum amount of money you can put on someones head is $5,000 so open up those bank accounts!

Also, regarding newbies ...

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Updates + Donor Shop Sale

Hey guys! Me ashour back for another update :)

The Donor-Shop will be having a sale this weekend only! Spring break is coming up for many people in the US so i thought it would be a nice reward :) it is a 20% off sale!

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.: CityPrison 3.0 :.

This just in from the City Prison Press…

In the early morning hours of March 2, 2014, there was a riot over at City Prison. Captive prisoners and visiting citizens were escorted in unmarked vans to new accommodations. Sr. Warden Ashour confirmed that in a surprising turn of events to the ...

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New Website!

Welcome to the new site, we hope you enjoy it!
We are one step closer to finishing CityPrison 3.0! :)

If you are a Graphics Designer, we need you! Contact Ashour via the forums CLICK ME via email [email protected] or skype ashour253

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