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CityPrison is the #1 prison server - being open for OVER 4 years we know what it takes to run the RIGHT prison server, Great guards, great balance and most importantly an AWESOME community! Our network has the most unique features of any minecraft prison server out there, No prisons server can compete with us. With quests/missions, amazing builds for you to enjoy the sight of and much much more!

Server your time with the other     players online at

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October Top Voter

10:39 pm - 8th November 2017 By Ashour

October top voter results are in and are shown below, if you've won please contact ashour via skype (ashour253) to redeem your reward. Top Voters1st ubright 201votes - $1002nd Snow_Angel 199votes - $953rd NinjaXWaffles99 190votes - $804th ItzRubix_ 185votes - $655th MeRCV9 184votes - $656th PR099 183votes - $657th Raven1127 171votes - $408th BrOsChErRy 167votes - $309th Shopz 161votes - $2010th MicMaster00 135votes - $15​...

September Top Voter Results

6:32 pm - 2nd October 2017 By Ashour

September has come to a close and the top 10 voter list has been compiled.First, we'd like to thank you for voting for us throughout the month and supporting our server. It helps us grow and expand and also shows how much you support our server.We appreciate your with every month, please contact me on skype (ashour253) to redeem your coupon code, if you do not have skype you can reach me over email ([email protected]) although voter requests done over email can be lost so we highly advise...

August Top Voter Rewards

9:24 pm - 3rd September 2017 By Ashour

The month of August has concluded and the following people have placed in the top 10 voter list!Constitutionals to the following people and we hope everyone continues supporting our server by voting every day.To collect your rewards please contact me on skype: ashour253or contact me via email: [email protected] IS NOT A VALID WAY OF COMMUNICATION!1st ic1 190votes - $1002nd DK9x 189votes - $1003rd tbfashion 180votes - $804th jrdxix 176votes - $705th MicroDogland 171votes - $606th XxPR099xX 167votes...

Top Kills

1stMinecraft prison skin for SpaceRebornSpaceReborn4,568 kills
2ndMinecraft prison skin for nesdnesd3,886 kills
3rdMinecraft prison skin for SpriteCodeSpriteCode3,507 kills
4thMinecraft prison skin for MeRCV9MeRCV93,370 kills
5thMinecraft prison skin for Mrtobasco420Mrtobasco4203,046 kills
6thMinecraft prison skin for NINJAxHACKER67NINJAxHACKER672,869 kills
7thMinecraft prison skin for ChimawayChimaway2,776 kills
8thMinecraft prison skin for dark11knightdark11knight2,723 kills
9thMinecraft prison skin for DotanKDotanK2,621 kills
10thMinecraft prison skin for RickyT_OPRickyT_OP2,507 kills

Top Balance

1stMinecraft prison skin for Diamond_Rush1Diamond_Rush11,000,000,000 money
2ndMinecraft prison skin for ashourashour999,999,999 money
3rdMinecraft prison skin for Falcon_26_1Falcon_26_132,416,669 money
4thMinecraft prison skin for GravelleafGravelleaf11,224,022 money
5thMinecraft prison skin for XxErisVenomousxXXxErisVenomousxX8,145,029 money

Top Voters

1stMinecraft prison skin for MeRCV9MeRCV980 votes
2ndMinecraft prison skin for Raven1127Raven112776 votes
3rdMinecraft prison skin for BrOsChErRyBrOsChErRy75 votes
4thMinecraft prison skin for ItzRubix_ItzRubix_74 votes
5thMinecraft prison skin for 4AcreFarmer4AcreFarmer72 votes

Top Hours Played

1stMinecraft prison skin for NinjaXWaffles99NinjaXWaffles991,204 hours
2ndMinecraft prison skin for XxErisVenomousxXXxErisVenomousxX1,051 hours
3rdMinecraft prison skin for Falcon_26_1Falcon_26_1894 hours
4thMinecraft prison skin for RoyalJewRoyalJew860 hours
5thMinecraft prison skin for xPolarisxPolaris664 hours