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CityPrison is the #1 prison server - being open for OVER 4 years we know what it takes to run the RIGHT prison server, Great guards, great balance and most importantly an AWESOME community! Our network has the most unique features of any minecraft prison server out there, No prisons server can compete with us. With quests/missions, amazing builds for you to enjoy the sight of and much much more!

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News Feed

Round 4 - Donation Submissions

12:31 am - 16th June 2017 By Ashour

Hello,Round 4 is open for donation submissions.At this time (7:30 PM CST 6/15/2017) all nickname, 10x10 plots & /hat submissions have been processed.If you have NOT recieved them and submitted a request please check your email that you provided or your InGame mail (/mail read) to see if we contacted you, if not please send an email to [email protected] or skype ashour @ ashour253NO HELP WILL BE PROVIDED IN GAME! PLEASE USE THOSE 2 CHANNELS TO CONTACT US.Round 4 links are:Custom Chat Color:

Round 3

9:17 pm - 11th June 2017 By Ashour

We're now going onto round 3, if you have not submitted any forms please look at the bottom of this thread for ALL the latest form links.If you have made a transaction for "NickName" please use the following form: you have made a transaction for "/banner" please use the following form: you made a transaction for "/hat" please use the following form:

Round 2

9:02 pm - 10th June 2017 By Ashour

We're now opening up the form for 10x10 plot donors.THESE ARE THE $5.00 plots NOT the 50x50 plots!Please note, these may take up to 14 days to reissue IT DEPENDS ON HOW FAST YOU APPLY FOR THEM!We are releasing these plots EVERY DAY and a FEW at a time to ensure EVERYONE is evenly distributed and not all donors are upfront.*Note*Any new donors for 10x10 plots will receive them within 24 hours and not required to wait!Google form for 10x10 plots: you missed...

Top Kills

1stMinecraft prison skin for SpriteCodeSpriteCode1,478 kills
2ndMinecraft prison skin for Secret_WorkerSecret_Worker1,104 kills
3rdMinecraft prison skin for ChimawayChimaway1,056 kills
4thMinecraft prison skin for Roland1234567898Roland1234567898835 kills
5thMinecraft prison skin for Mrtobasco420Mrtobasco420780 kills
6thMinecraft prison skin for DarkxNinjaSSNDarkxNinjaSSN780 kills
7thMinecraft prison skin for nbt1nbt1650 kills
8thMinecraft prison skin for X9_X9_639 kills
9thMinecraft prison skin for NINJAxHACKER67NINJAxHACKER67594 kills
10thMinecraft prison skin for EXT3RMEEXT3RME563 kills

Top Balance

1stMinecraft prison skin for ashourashour99,999,993 money
2ndMinecraft prison skin for Roland1234567898Roland12345678981,465,886 money
3rdMinecraft prison skin for XxErisVenomousxXXxErisVenomousxX1,359,350 money
4thMinecraft prison skin for KoalaBoiKoalaBoi1,182,518 money
5thMinecraft prison skin for Da_KwazywabbitDa_Kwazywabbit1,143,862 money

Top Voters

1stMinecraft prison skin for TheRandomGrlTheRandomGrl106 votes
2ndMinecraft prison skin for _Ignite_Ignite106 votes
3rdMinecraft prison skin for Raven1127Raven1127104 votes
4thMinecraft prison skin for masonbacon1masonbacon194 votes
5thMinecraft prison skin for Mr_lonely132Mr_lonely13290 votes

Top Hours Played

1stMinecraft prison skin for DarkxNinjaSSNDarkxNinjaSSN304 hours
2ndMinecraft prison skin for NinjaXWaffles99NinjaXWaffles99249 hours
3rdMinecraft prison skin for SpriteCodeSpriteCode249 hours
4thMinecraft prison skin for XxErisVenomousxXXxErisVenomousxX221 hours
5thMinecraft prison skin for NINJAxHACKER67NINJAxHACKER67205 hours